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Last Saturday may 18th, we joined our Fashion collaborator Vanessa Possner at an event that mixed Drinks, Food, fashion and a good cause. The event was hosted by @4_philanthropy  a company that brings business and non-profit org together to create new different ways to donate and race money for non-profits around the DFW!

They hosted the first ever Sample sale for a cause benefiting an organization that helps Venezuelans that have moved to the USA to fid a better life for them and their families. They are also one of the very few organizations that have been certified to be able to make donations to venezuela thru the humanitarian aid.

To be able to help this cause and support it was something that Vanessa was very Proud to make it happen.

The sample sale was made in partnership with the San Francisco showroom Bridge showroom from San Francisco, they specialize in housing European and Australian fashion #designers in the United States. At the event shoppers had the access to sale products that retails for over 300 and up, the prices at event started at 20$ while you can be sipping on delicious mimosa and have a bite from the sweets bar.

To get an inside look of what the event was, check out our video :)


The last thing that we know was that the response of the public was so amazing that this will be something that they are eager to do more, so if you want to join on the next event and shop for a cause let us know and we will make sure to send you an invite when the next one is happening.



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