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On the way to Paris Fashion week, Let's Plan together !

Aperture passages from one world to another. Man's scapes hatches"

Lovely afternoon with the best #photographer on town, Christian Gandara!

Still planning on this trip to support our dear local designer Valerie Garmino on his way to Paris Fashion Week and haven't finish yet.

As you can tell my life has been spinning around so fast, that I barely have time to share a little bit of what's happening. But aren't we all on the same predicament?

Sometimes the day is just not enough to achieve all your plans....

Where to stay and where to go around??

Are the questions spinning on my head, It's hard to decide where to be in one of the most #romantic cities of the world... #Paris

If you have been around Paris I would love to know a little bit more about, so help me to plan this trip and let me know where I should go???

I would love to be your eyes on that beautiful city!

So I will pic two places to go from the comments that you leave below... Can't wait to hear your story!

With #love Lore


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