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Marc Anthony Legacy Tour at Dallas,Tx Valentines Day

The Ambassador of Latin music and widely considered one of the most influential performing tropical salsa artist of our time, Marc Anthony performed for a mixed audience this Valentine’s Day .

With the comedian Joey Vega as the opener of his Legacy Tour in Dallas, Marc couldn’t have the crowd more happier for that special night.

Joey the comedian was making the crowd hysterical!

Most of the people where feeling identified with his stand up act, this was the perfect way to start the show.

Luis Guzman show up on the stage to wish a happy valentines to the audience while Joey was performing,

After the comedian leave the stage and the lights went off the crowd was just waiting for the best part of the night!

Marc showed off his salsa moves, flashing his million dollar smile at the ladies, while he open singing “Valió la pena” , He engaged the crowd from the start, encouraging them get up and sing with him, “abrazame muy fuerte amor” was another of the favorites of the crowd.

Leaving the audience wanting more as a good latino party that we never wanted to end. Marc Anthony’s “Legacy” tour continues, and I suggest you to grab a ticket and get your Salsa on!

Best Valentines ever!


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