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Do you Love your Body?

Updated: May 24, 2019

Do you have time to show some Love to your body?

Sometimes we don't find time to show love to one of the most important things on our lives.

But fortunately I've found some treatments that I've trying and totally recommend!

The interesting part of will take you less than 10 min, and will help you to improve your wellness:

Compression Massage Therapy

How does it work?

These boots use compression to condense blood into localized areas for  seconds at a time. This causes higher levels of oxygen into individual  muscles in the legs, helping to speed up muscle recovery. Overall lymph  drainage is boosted, along with a boost in circulation, while lactic  acid is flushed out of the legs. You'll feel relaxed and refreshed!

Whole-body cryotherapy

But don't worry you'll be wearing socks and gloves to protect your fingers and toes!

For 3 minutes, cool dry air flows over the surface of your  skin. Even though we're taking you between 200-300 below zero, the air  is so dry that you will hardly feel the cold, and you might not even  shiver! It's an invigorating, energizing experience .

Your body's cold sensors  are triggered, even though the air is too dry to penetrate your skin.  Your body reacts to the cold temperatures by pulling blood away from your extremities and into your core.Your vessels constrict, holding the  blood from your extremities into your core, causing a boost of nutrients  and oxygen to your organs.

Oxygen Treatments

Inhaling pure oxygen can improve your memory, recovery time, energy, mental clarity and more. They are infuse with an assortment of organic essential oils, My favorite is Lavender!


Just breathe......

If you follow me on Instagram you can tell I spend at least once or twice per week over there and take me less than 30 min of my day to give some Love to my body! treatments are safe and it is very popular amongst athletes and celebrities.

My personal reasons for doing this treatments is to lose a little bit of weight, anti aging & reduction of the appearance of cellulite and improve my wellness overall.

For more info visit CRYO- X and let them know you read about them at HS!


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