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Colorful Outfits For Winter.

Hello highlights of style community!

Here at your service Vanessa Posner, fashion designer owner of the clothing brand , personal stylist and content creator for . Now also Fashion Editor for Highlights of Style, I am truly excited about showing you guys all of my tricks, tips and inspo behind the work that I do. To go out with a bang I want to share your you today my single one most important tip for winter dressing and that is layers and layers.

Because don't you hate that tend to wear only darker colors once the first cold front strikes ?

The antidote, is one to not be afraid to wear summer staples in winter looks but also layers.

For this look I wanted something that would be the perfect middle between comfy and chic, which isn’t always what any woman wants when getting dressed ? So, I went to my closet I found this skirt that I have probably owned for about 4 years yet had never been worn, and today it suddenly seemed like the day.

Like I mentioned before the game is in the layers and for that I decided to do nude tights, black heattech turtle neck. Black blazer with cinched waist to layer the turtle neck and help elevate the look a bit more and top it all off with chunky black boots that have just the right amount of heel to make it look like I actually made an effort.

The result, a super comfortable heat protective and chic look perfect for the office a day of meeting and happy hour after a busy day. absolutely love this looks and hope you do too. You can shop this and all of my looks by clicking in the image, Have fun!


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