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Last April 4th during the fashion chapter of the fifth annual edition of Dallas Startup Week the new Dallas start-up company that mixes technology and fashion housed all of the Dallas fashionistas and A-listers in town to celebrate the launch of the company.

Riane Hubbart, Lauren Morgan Roscopf, The Female Founder, Karis Renee, Brooke Burnett.

Rent My Wardrobe launch party took place in the heart of D-town at Circo TX. Among the guest list where the full cast of Dallas Housewives showing support to Cameron West Scot as she joined the company as her biggest yet investor. The venue was filled with floral walls and all the IG ops. Balloons, drinks and Hors d'oeuvres which created the perfect atmosphere for the occasion.

The morning before the event I had the pleasure to attend a fireside chat that took part of all of the session of DSW. The chat was hosted by lawyer turned stylist Lea Frazier and I cant stress how much women pride this talk brought me. They covered everything between the inspiration and idea behind the company to how the CEO and founder AKA " The Female Founder" uses this app to dress herself to all the event and meeting that she attends currently.

Rent My Wardrobe is an app that lets you rent pieces from closets near you depending your location on the DFW with a very quick turn around and with the possibility of even trying on a few pieces from the same wardrobe before making the final rent. The app takes care of insurance for the pieces that you post for rental which is a huge factor if you are offering high end pieces. In fact, I myself have joined the RMW family and I am offering not only pieces form m closet but one-of-a-kind from my clothing line but also planning to use the rental service really soon because like they say " Your closet just got a lot bigger " .

If you want to follow me or take a look at my RMW listing you can download the app on the apple store and look me up as Vanessa Posner, you can also find me on instagram as @vanessapsnr

Vanessa Posner


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